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Hi Kelvin, my wife is from the Philippines. We have 3 boys, yet when we came back to the UK to settle. We had to face strict visa rules. I needed to prove I could support my family, look after 3 boys while my wife’s visa was considered and she waited in the Philippines.

We spent many 1000’s to get the initial visa and she was finally given a two and half year spouse visa. She works, pays tax and national insurance but still we need to pay an NHS surcharge of 1600 pounds.

We have renewed her visa once at a cost of around 4000. Another one in about a year , and after completion of 5 years we can apply for permanent settlement and the .citizenship?

It sickens my wife to see those coming here through illegal routes, gifted everything.

We are not alone, there are an estimated 33,000 spouses without their other halves because of these strict immigration rules yet arrive illegally, ignore the rules and you get in for free.

Who are we , the ones that follow the laws and processies funding?

Regards, Keith

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You're not the first to tell me this. It seems those who follow the rules are paying for those who don't?

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Sorry for misspelling your name Calvin!

It’s just another story that never gets told. This strict visa policy started when Theresa May was home office minister. Prior to that a spouse could get a passport straight off after only 3 years of living in the UK. Lots of people came in under the guise of married. Many were sham marriages.

We do feel like we are paying far more than we should be.

Love your show and the whole of GBN. I do my part in spreading the word.

Hope to see Nigel and your good self put some sense back into this country.

Long live common sense and freedom of speech.

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I’m Brazilian, my husband British and I feel your pain. I’m in my second visa as well, I’m working over 55 hours a week, paying tax, still have to pay £1800 health surcharge and the final visa in 2 years we will have to pay over£4000 and more £1500 for the citizenship and also pass the test life in Uk, which a few MP’s failed in a mock test. And the final consideration: in our resident permit card is clear “no public funds” .

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I keep saying this Calvin, but at a certain level of incompetence or error that falls all in one direction one MUST begin to assume malice as as more likely.

Democracy is the compact between the people and politicians that; we don't kill them when they don't do what they were voted in to do, we instead vote them out and replace them with people who do.

This breaks down as a concept when every party acts against the majority positions of the citizenry and the interest(s) of the country and their countrymen. It is very clear that every major party has signed up to this (mass unlimited migration) in defiance of the electorate and their votes; whether through malice, groupthink or simply 'muh GDP line must go up at any cost'. The reasons don't actually matter, frankly (at this point).

The current track leads us to a very ugly place. Eventually, if they ignore the will of the citizenry long enough, this compact will cease to hold. I hear a great many people (particularly amongst the working class which I came from) question it now.

To be clear; nobody objects to small numbers (10-20k) of key skilled migrants to fill economic skill gaps (although there is a strong moral argument for why we should not poach the best and brightest from other countries, particularly in the developing world). Nobody objects to small numbers (<10k) of refugees. Everyone sane objects to mass unskilled migration, mass illegal migration and mass migration in general because it destroys culture, quality of live, service provision, housing market; the list goes on and on and on.

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It’s a legitimate concern that our elected representatives refuse to be honest with the public about what’s happening to our country; our home.

If this were anywhere else on earth we’d be calling it colonisation. I refuse to believe that those in positions of power who support this egregiously large influx of migrants don’t recognise the ramifications this has, not just economically, but more importantly in my opinion, culturally for us as a people.

Unless we get a grip on this, and fast, pretty soon the nation we call home will no longer be recognisable.

I worry deeply about what we will leave behind for those that follow, and I feel completely helpless to make a difference - that’s what upsets me the most about this.

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Thank you Calvin. As a Christian and as a priest, immigration is an often difficult topic for me to grapple or wrestle with and try and hold different tensions together. On one hand I believe all are equal and why should others not share in God's bounty. However on the other hand, it is clear that massive immigration has and is drastically changing my country and it's not for the better is now clear. There are as always exceptions. The census clearly shows many problems that will only grow. Life is not all about economic growth at any cost, but some things that are less tangible like being English.

As a patriot and somebody who has never seen Empire as all good or all bad despite what some seem to say falsely today with woke (they need to read history and just how far back slavery goes in our world and is still happening), it is perhaps the speed that is most worrying and a battle on various fronts at the same time that is never wise. It is a very strange place to be living in the UK today. I fundamentally disagree with those that seek to destroy the West that in my view has given so much. Perfection will always be elusive.

Having never bought into the myth from New Labour that multiculturalism is good and rich, it's clear now that by and large it is a negative and we have a country split by just about everything including religion. This is creating more and more hostilities and resentment. It reminds me of various ethnic tribes that co exist for the most but many have no sense of being English or togetherness and this will only get worse as it stands. Brexit seems to have failed dramatically here sadly. However why would immigrants feel English or British? Fine, with small numbers, but not with the number of immigrants entering now. The Queens funeral did give me hope of a togetherness but it was very noticeable that some groups of people living in the UK were hardly present. That says a lot.

Why are people so angry about virtually anything you can mention? The culture war that is happening is another huge shock but I'm not sure that is down to immigration but its erupted so quickly. So what has happened to England and the generally gentle Christian country I grew up in? It's easy to have a kind of romanticism about the past that was not always good in truth but in many ways was. However, life was simpler, boundaries more defined, values shared, and we generally people co existed. Now, I am not so sure. It is very interesting in my role speaking to many people in their 80' and 90's who have a very different viewpoint to those younger.

For me immigration must be halted with very few exceptions indeed as we have done our bit as with Honk Kong and more, but the Government that has over the past years said it would control such has clearly done the opposite. Is that not almost treason?? I think it could be considered so betraying the country. The Opposition would be no better, perhaps worse. I have joined the SDP as the only political party advocating for a moratorium on immigration. Saying this I have never been party political but I can't see how I could vote for any mainstream party.

Frankly, I would take a very hard line with illegal immigration and those following such a path would be removed quickly. I say this knowing the love command and out duty to others. The message would soon get down the line, do not come. Being a Christian does not mean being a sucker and anything goes. Why Albanians should settle in the UK and be victims of crime or help support it mystifies me. No perhaps this is masculine Christianity? Following the way of love does not mean giving into anything or everything.

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I will have two clerics on my show this weekend, debating for/against immigration. I agree with you in that it's a difficult topic to broach as a Christian, and too easily shut down. People assume we have to be in favour of open boarders, but I think that's unscriptural. For example, Acts 17:26 and Deut 32:8 tell us God instituted borders for a purpose - tribes and nations. There's a lazy assumption that it's the charitable thing to do, but protecting nationhood is important for providing charity and prosperity.

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Yes, we seem to now have open borders Calvin. I have followed the political situation in the US for nearly 3 years. The similarities between them and us are obvious. The folk in the US are desperate to stop the flow through their borders to no avail. GBnews have been flagging up the border situation here for forever but the government have done nothing like in the US. Why? This is the question we should be asking. By the way, thank you for flagging up the abortion issue in this country. The whole thing grieves me deeply. Bless you for standing for the unborn.

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Calvin, this is unsustainable...

Our infrastructure requires much more investment...many cultures are being brought in that will clash.

Even the least racist person can see it's a problem...

All we've heard duting the past 3 years are platitudes from Priti Patel..

She said it was a legal problem while "mysteriously" introducing more immigrants that cannot create a cohesive society...

Our police are being undermined at the same time our society is becoming more violent...

There is a dereliction of duty by our politicians over the past 2 decades..

They all need to be made accountable...

I'm sick of their barefaced lies

Robert Boardman


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Thanks for this Calvin, I enjoy your program on Sundays. Seems to me like this county has lost sight of its values and doesn't know which way to go. If you loose your roots then it's pretty difficult to stand up for them. Brexit was a first step in regaining this, but looks like there's a heck of a lot to do. Seems like it has exposed the scale of the task we have rather than solving the issues that lead people to vote brexit. Thanks for your contribution though, I've recently returned to christianity and its great to listen to you express your faith with conviction, so refreshing! 👏👏👏👍🙏

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In my opinion, the Gov have failed to control it because they want it to continue. They want it to keep being a 'problem' so that people keep voting for them to 'fix' it. If they fix the immigration problem, then what issue do they have to rile people up and get them out to vote? None, in my opinion. As such, they want the issue of immigration to remain forever a problem, to ensure that people keep voting for them. I wrote a Substack on this topic from my own point of view a while ago.


I know that it is much more nuanced than them simply doing it to ensure they get people riled up and out to vote, but it is, in my opinion, certainly one of many driving factors behind why they wont actually stop it.

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Hi from Oz, always like your work and will tune in from Australia to watch. Regards, Amr

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Thank you - God bless you!

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I now believe that this is a deliberate policy by Govt otherwise it would have been stopped-this could have been easily solved with pulling out of treaties and making new laws (80 seat majority?) but there has been no will to do so. Even the small things like stopping legal aid for human rights lawyers or lessening the generous benefits offered to illegal economic migrants could have acted as a deterrent. That’s why England is so much more attractive to them than France or other European countries which they have passed through to get here.

I do wonder if the politicians realise that if there are no borders, there is no country…

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I don't think they have failed,I think everything is going to plan splendidly! The government has had its orders and those orders will be followed to the letter! They have no intention of stopping our country being invaded, Braverman may be able to stop one or two boats but it will just be a gesture to show willing.We have been lied to for years about immigration,empty promises from dishonest governments,I don't hold out much hope that anything will change now or in the future.The UK and many European countries have been changed beyond recognition and will never go back to what we knew and loved.

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One thing that's often overlooked is the effect this has on working-class communities.

I remember back in the late 90s when I first started working, part-time work was often enough to cover the basics.

I first started work on the farms for a bit of extra money, back then farmers put on buses for workers, and many people worked on the fields or seasonally doing the "berries". Then after the 2004 E.U expansion all that disappeared, farmers lied about "work-shy" brits whilst actively recruiting from eastern Europe and stopping the free buses.

Many places would take people on, train them up and give them a good career, most of which these days now require a degree just to get an interview as well as expect the potential employee to come with the skills required for work as no training will be provided.

In my sector (Engineering) employers actively recruit from abroad, what was once a well-paid job is no longer true today. A few years back I remember going to an interview in Aberdeen where the company flew in several Indians for the job interview but wouldn't give us local travel expenses.

What is often overlooked is that despite many foreign workers undercutting local labour, they are often unqualified or have Micky Mouse qualifications. The only reason some work hard is due to the value of our currency, you would work harder if you were able to earn an equivalent to bring back home.

At what point is immigration enough? will this continue until no local can afford rent? Mass migration does not benefit the working-class, instead it keeps them impoverished by stripping away upwards mobility (which has plummeted under the Cons reign) work opportunities, and has massively increased the cost of rent. Social Housing is neigh on impossible to get if you are British-born, how are people, let alone the Working Class expected to survive let alone prosper?

If they go for a job they have to face a mountain of obstacles, not just including an avalanche of applicants but in some cases are actively discriminated against due to "positive discrimination".

Governments of the past 20 or so years have done everything to harm the opportunities for our own, especially working class kids.

Many migrants end up in working-class areas, with mass migration this causes friction. Local working class people don't want to leave or cannot afford to. Some foreign cultures are incompatible with Western ones this is made worse when effective ghettos have been created where some inhabitants do not need to speak English, and where even their benefits are translated into their own language. 

Foreign gangs go unchallenged for fear of being seen as racist, we've seen this recently with Albanian gangs and the channel crossings, to the likes of what happened to the children who were raped by gangs of Asian foreigners in places like Rochester. 

When will we have enough migrations? When we hit a population of 100 million, when migrations is 2 million a year? Or how about when such migration creates counterculture and they inadvertently Balkanize the UK, gone will be our shared culture and heritage instead we'd see division, and conflict. 

Cons/Lab don't give a damn about the working class. I, like many others, had hopped that by voting for Brexit we'd see control of our borders and a reduction in migration.... I foolishly even voted for the insidious tyrants during the last election. Nothings going to change if we keep voting trident of tyrants that is Con/Lab/Lib.

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Yes we obviously do, in my view we are slowly but surely being replaced as a nation. You may think that's an exaggeration but yesterday I went to a local town for the 1st time in 30 years, and was astounded, I was surrounded by black and Asian mainly males, I found the atmosphere tense and threatening. I had to walk through the town out of necessity and was so glad when my husband's car appeared! Never again will I go there - Never again. It must be awful for the people who live there, and in other towns and cities to have that experience every day. What used to be a really nice town, now absolutely filthy, litter strewn, phlegm and chewing gum all over the pavements. Ruined!

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Uncontrolled Immigration is never going to work well for anyone. It makes it impossible to plan anything at all regarding Housing, Education, Wellfare and Health Care. It creates a "Fire Fighting" situation whereby everything becomes an emergency, decisions are made under pressure with no forward planning or assessment of outcome often lots of money are thrown about with little constructive effect or benefit.

I think it is plain that uncontrolled immigration is having a detrimental effect on maintaining a fairly cohesive society. We used to have a British population now we have a collection of "Communities".

In general people are alarmed that their Government are clearly not in control of the situation at all, people feel vulnerable and under threat hence the term "Invasion" being increasingly used. And it leads to the question if our Government isn't in control, who is?

What out side force is influencing our Governments decision making?

If an outside force is in control, what is the point of voting?

If our Government is unable to make decisions to protect society as whole individuals feel they have to protect themselves.

People in Kent have become so alarmed and threatened they have started to arm themselves to protect themselves, their family and their property.

Some of the schools in don't allow the children to play out in the school grounds, school for those children has become a daily prison?

I live in a coastal town walking on one of beaches I've often thought of the people living on the Kent coast. I feel very sorry for the people living in Kent. How can they enjoy that same simple pleasure of a relaxing walk on one of their beaches?

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Just look at all the hoops one must jump through just to visit Australia, yet we seem to let in terrorists and people with criminal records. I see no control over our borders.

I watched a programme on t.v that actually showed different ways to get into the UK WITHOUT A PASSPORT. One hid in a camper van, one used someone else’s passport and another sailed from France in a rubber dinghy. Every single one arrived safely on our shores.

This just highlighted how easy it was to penetrate what “borders” we have.

Illegal immigrants must be sent back to their home countries. More importantly, stopped from entering the UK in the first place!

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The conservatives won't try to reduce immigration. If anything they actively encourage it and have been doing so for years.

It's a key issue for them to campaign on and their only chance of winning the next election is to keep repeating the same slogans and sound bites about how hard they're going to come down on it ... and yet never do.

They'll continue making the same false promises and manipulating voters gullible enough to believe it after all this time.

Insanity is doing the same thing many times and expecting different results. If the tories were going to fix the immigration system they would (could) have done it years ago.

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How many people do this government intend to allow into our tiny country, 100 million, 500 million, 1 billion, 10 billion? When will there be enough for this government to stop the invasion? Are we to have masses of tower blocks without a blade of grass or tree anywhere because the space is needed for housing?

Why are they doing this? What is the end result to be? Be honest government and tell the people what your doing and why.

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People that want to come here legally have no end of hurdles and stress to go through to get a visa. Its insulting to them that all anyone who turns up in a dinghy gets the red carpet treatment by comparison. The politicians talk about controlling illegal immigration but its just words really. They aren't interested in steming the flow. The tories have/had an 80 steat majority. Was it really hard to pass a law that says if you enter the country illegally you're entitled to nothing. No hotel, no housing, no welcome pizza, no doctors, no money....nothing. They had no problem stripping uk citizens of their rights for 2 years but illegal migrants oh no can't touch them because then the human rights lawyers crawl out the wood work and I'm sure serco are using their influence to keep their cash cow going

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On the moral argument against high skill mass scale migration from developing countries, I will direct you to a prominent youtuber who makes the point re. the US and Mexican immigration far more clearly than I ever could:


Raz0rfist has a deliberately abrasive and comedic style in line with his character, but his case is iron-clad. I advise giving up 15m to watch the video, it certainly changed my mind on the topic.

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My grandparents and mother came to Britain in the 1960s as part of the Windrush generation. My mother came on trav papers as a teenager and was left stateless for a while. Even though she was a British Overseas citizen by birth, because my Grandmother opted for a Jamaican passport following Independence my mother was left stateless because she didn't have a passport. When she tried to apply for one in the 1980s she was told she wasn't a Jamaican citizen and she wasn't a British citizen and she had to apply for British citizenship when she wanted to travel. I am a British citizen due to my English father. Otherwise I would have faced the problems many children of Windrush immigrants faced a few years ago.

I objected to being in the EU due to freedom of movement favouring white people over non-white people from many ethnicities. I am furious that Albanians are now dinghy diving to come here and commit crime.

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